We have more than one hundred different woven fabrics always available for our clients.


(prices starting from 125 £)

Cotton yarn 100%  – The high quality of Italian fabrics for the perfect bespoke shirt


(prices starting from 150 £)

Collection composed of fabrics in pure double twisted cotton, with yarn count not 90/2, which ensure long lasting gloss and smoothness, as well as the ability to iron easily. Designed to offer even the most demanding clients a smart shirt, the perfect balance of classic and modern.


(prices starting from 170 £)

Exclusive textiles only produced for our clients, in pure double twisted cotton with yarn count 120/2 and 140/2. Italian design, style and finishing that confer a unique refinement and ductility to this collection.


(prices starting from 75 £)

Our choice is based on the Italian manufacturing fabrics in pure silk, wool, cashmere, patterns and solid colors, which will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.
We have printed silk and silk woven ties.
In the first the patterns are obtained by juxtaposition: the individual drawings are printed in succession on the silk. In the second the designs are woven within the armature, represented by the combination of the warp and of the weft threads.
A special note to the so called “seven folds tie”, created folding the silk on itself several times.
The size of our ties are of 8.5 cm width and 150 cm in length for the standard version.
Other widths (7 cm and 10 cm) and lengths can be requested


(prices starting from 50 £)

The handkerchief ties the entire look together  the tie, shirt and jacket. The ideal outcome is a matter of personal taste.
It can be shown every time you wear the jacket. So it works on a dress, but also on a blazer or a sport coat.
In principle, the white linen pouch is the Rolls Royce of the pocket. It is good for any occasion and always elegant, but is strongly recommended for formal occasions.
For a sports jacket, it is better to opt for a silk or cashmere one.


(prices starting from 60 £)

One of the most popular men’s accessory is the watch, but we can definitely count the cufflinks among the most classic and refined men’s fashion accessory. Although a small object, cufflinks contribute in a decisive way to complete the image of a stylish person.
Our cufflinks are coordinated to shirts or ties by inserting the chosen woven in the center of the cufflink.