What to wear if you work in Financial Services

Got a new job in the financial service industry and are confused on what to wear? We have the best guide for you. By following this guide, you will be able to leave the maximum impact on the first day of your job. Continue reading!

Keep it Simple

Follow the basic advice “keep it simple” when it comes to choosing apparels and “less is more” for accessories. Wear suits that exude elegance. Do not go for loud colours that scream for attention. Choose your patterns wisely.

Many people do not wear any kind of accessory while keeping their look simple as they feel accessories add an element of bling to their personality. However, this is not exactly true. There are certain accessories that can add value to your outfit and keep it simple at the same time. These accessories include dress watches, tie pins, pocket squares etc.

Do Not Buy Any Suit You Come Across

It is an understood fact that you will not have much enough options to choose from right at the beginning of your career in the financial service industry, particularly if your previous job didn’t demand you to look your professional best. Due to this reason, many men make this mistake of buying every suit that they come across. The best approach to follow is to pick quality over quantity since you can do quite a lot with a limited number of suits. You can bring variety in them by wearing different shirts and ties with them; however, make sure they are complementing the suit.

Go for Bespoke Tailoring

Fitting matters! If you want to leave the maximum impression on others with your personality, make sure the suit you are wearing perfectly fits you. A too loose or too tight suit completely hampers your overall appearance. Therefore, it is adviced to go for bespoke tailoring in order to get that perfect fit. In addition to that, you also get plenty of customizing options if you are going with this style. If bespoke tailoring option is not convenient for you, go for made to measure instead.

Pay Attention to Footwear

Footwear play a vital role in your appearance; they can make or break your overall impact. Hence, they should be chosen tactfully. There are plenty of options when it comes to formal footwear. Get them in different colours with light patterns. Match them with the belt you are wearing instead of the colour of your suit or shirt. Wearing the right shoes will give your personality a vital edge.

Final Thoughts

If your workplace has a dress code, make sure you are following it and buying your clothes and accessories accordingly.

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