The basics of a man’s wardrobe

It is important for every gentleman to have a wardrobe with essential items. The key to building a man’s ideal wardrobe lies in the fine selection of various outfits and some key accessories. In this post, we have discussed some of the basic elements of building a man’s in detail. Continue reading!

At Least 5 Suits for An Executive

If you work in an executive level position, it is given that you must have at least 5 quality suits in different shades and patterns. There must a couple of expensive suits kept separately to be used only for special corporate events. Having at least 5 days will allow them to be used in rotation; hence, they will be able to retain their original sheen and look for a longer period of time. When buying suits, make sure they fit you perfectly. Thus, it is recommended to opt for bespoke tailoring in order to get made to measure suits.

A Right Set of Accessories

Every man must have a right set of accessories for every occasion. For example, for an executive, it is mandatory to have ties in different colours and patterns that go with the suits they have. They must have at least two ties for one suit. Apart from ties, other accessories that a man must have in their wardrobe include tie pins, pocket squares in multiple colours, sunglasses, funky hats for those who like to go all stylish, belts in colours that match shoes etc.

A Mix of Formal and Casual Shoes

While casual shoes are a must, whether or not a man works on an executive level, they need to have at least a couple of pairs of formal shoes. With formal shoes, it isn’t implied that they must go for plain shoes only. There are a wide variety of formal shoes available that exude style and grace at the same time. On the other hand, when it comes to casual footwear, the choices are unlimited.

Dress and Casual Shirts

No wardrobe is complete with dress and casual shirts for men. The rules for having shirts are same as above, those who work on executive levels, they need to have a higher number of dress shirts and fewer casual ones and vice versa. Dress shirts must be in different colours and patterns so that they go with the suits they have. When it comes to their fitting, it is advised to go for bespoke tailoring. Talking about casual shirts, they must be trendy, stylish, and made from premium quality fabrics.

Jeans and Trousers

Picnics, partying, and clubbing; these are some of the regulars in a man’s life and obviously, they cannot go clubbing and partying in formal pants. Thus, every man must have at least 4 pairs of jeans in different shades. Apart from jeans, if you are into gymming or any other fitness activity, have a few pairs of trousers as well.

While these are merely the basic essentials, you can add as many items you want in your wardrobe, depending on your style, the lifestyle you follow, and other work-related needs.