Suede Shoes Maintenance Tricks

The pioneer of rock and roll Carl Perkins in 1955 and Elvis Presley a year later dedicated a song to the shoes of this material known as suede. With all due merit the versatility of this shoe, which can be worn both in summer and spring, in the form of moccasins, as in autumn and winter, boots, the comfort it brings to the feet and the fact that It never goes out of fashion, they turn suede shoes into a sure hit. Suede is a very comfortable material that adapts perfectly to the feet, and if it is of good quality, the suede footwear can last for many years


Keeping them clean is simple, it only takes a few minutes and does not imply spending a lot of money in specific cleaning products. Well treated, the ante resists with fortitude the trot and the passage of time. It is enough to brush the shoes every two or three days with a brush (tooth brush) to remove dust or dirt that may have caught during use. For the most cautious, there is a protective spray (its price is around ten pounds) that repels stains, helps the suede to get less dirty and protects the colour. But if this information is late and your suede shoes are already full of dust, an anchovy has fallen on them or they have suffered chafing, do not panic. Here are some easy quick tricks for you!

Here are some easy quick tricks for you!

Trick 1. Water and brush for when you want to polish them. Get a toothbrush, neutral pH soap (without perfumes) and water. Wet the brush in soapy water, moisten and brush the shoes in circular movements. Attention! Moistening does not mean soaking footwear in soapy water.

Trick 2. Talcum powder for when your suede shoes have some grease stain. Talcum powder, flour or bicarbonate (to absorb fat), a toothbrush, neutral soap and water. The first thing is to take off the shoe that has just been stained with grease and put it upside down so that the grease does not penetrate more and does not expand, then you have to add the powder, so that it absorbs the fat that remains. After 15 minutes it’s time to brush, always in the direction of the hair and without squeezing, the whole suede surface. If the grease stain has left a mark, it is necessary to put into practice the trick 1, wet the toothbrush in water with neutral soap, moisten and brush the shoe making circular movements, the whole surface, not only the area where it has the stain.

Trick 3. Eraser when you want to disguise some chafing. You will need an eraser like the ones we used at school. The way to do it is as if to erase a word written in pencil in a notebook, but with more delicacy. You have to pass the rubber only through the areas that have a scratch, then it is advisable to brush the entire shoe so that the entire surface is even.

Okay, and now that they’re clean, what should you do?

You have to let them dry with a last that stretches the shoe, which prevents them from becoming deformed by humidity. Keep them in a cloth bag or paper that protects them of the dust.

Now you have the tricks to take care of your suede shoes!