Strategies for your eCommerce in 2018

What strategies do you need in order to improve your eCommerce in 2018?

1. Build trust and take care of the relationship with customers

The importance of being it to optimising the shopping experience and generate more revenues. To achieve this, a fundamental component that should be at the base of any customer centric company is to achieve the trust of your customers. This component will be key in 2018. Due to the growing competitiveness online, trust with customers is a differential factor (which in fact has always been in the offline world, but now also comes online). Therefore, all departments of your company must be aligned and work to connect in a personal and authentic way with each client, and establish a relationship of trust that contributes to your eCommerce customers and, therefore, to achieve the objectives of your business.

2. The importance of engagement beyond the time of sale

In line with the generation of solid trust relationships with customers, another of the key strategies for any online store that wants to remain competitive in 2018 is to generate engagement with customers even when the sale has already taken place. It is important that the engagement is a set of actions that have continuity, and that are not specific actions, since it will cost more and more to attract the customer back to your online store once you have completed a sale. In short, it is about designing a good engagement strategy throughout the client’s relationship with your business to boost your brand and retain your customers. Do not forget that engagement is not only a strategy to attract customers, but to get them to repeat purchases in your store.

3. Strengthening your brand’s credibility through content

The majority of online buyers are also informed through the internet before buying. Therefore, although it is already relevant to generate content today, a strategy that you can not fail to implement in 2018 is to offer your target audience relevant content so that you can be informed, both about your products and services and about your sector, before making a purchase.

The ultimate goal is for your target audience to know you as a reliable source of information, which will help reinforce confidence in your brand. With which, it is important to generate quality content that attracts your potential customers at the time they are researching online before buying.

The generation of content is actually fundamental, it not only serves to attract new customers, but also to generate engagement with them, convert them into customers and build loyalty.

4. Personalisation of interactions with customers

Another strategy increasingly necessary and essential for any eCommerce for 2018 is to customise the interactions with your customers. Personalisation, is essential to generate trust and is nowadays essential to achieve engagement and retain your customers. To be able to offer a high level of personalisation through all the channels and in all the communications with your clients, the most important thing is to know them well, that is, to have your buyer well defined.

Once you have done it, it will be very easy for you to personalise all types of content that you are going to use at the points of contact with your clients, be it the content of your website, your blog or the emails that you send them.

5. Online sales without leaving email

It can be sold through email, did you know?

We are not just referring to sending a transactional newsletter, through which your clients reach your web page. We mean that they can buy directly from an email. Well, this is one of the trends of online sales that you should also consider in 2018 for your eCommerce. To make it possible, companies such as Rebel have included web features to the email, thus redefining the limits of the email and converting it into an online store. If up to now email was already a very powerful tool to generate sales, now it is even more as there is the possibility that your customers can finalise a purchase directly from their inbox.

We hope you are fully prepared now for your new eCommerce or the improving of an existing one!