London Fashion Week 2018

London Fashion Week is a hyped up fashion show for all the right reasons. This event is a true representation of the royal fashion culture of the UK. Only people with tickets are allowed to watch the show. It is presented to only a few lucky ones who get to experience top-notch fashion up close. Don’t worry if you didn’t get your ticket, the show will be up on TV and online soon!

The fashion week is held twice every year; once in February and once in September. This year, Sartoria San Giorgio will also be presenting their products. From suits to shirts to accessories such as ties or handkerchiefs all of our products are fully made in Italy. What is even better is that each piece is customized to perfectly fit the clients!

Have a good look at our products on 25th September in Devonshire Club, London before you decide which piece of bespoke tailoring you want to order. Implement the looks of Sartoria San Giorgio in your day to day looks to slay your outfits on a daily basis! They will be a source of inspiration to up your style game.

Best representation

The London Fashion Week is the heaven for any fashion enthusiast. Gorgeous models rock the best fashion items to bring you the best of high-end fashion. You will find some very unique styles, new creative designs, and what not! London Fashion Week will make you want to revamp your wardrobe. This is the part where bespoke tailoring will come to the rescue. You’ll get the perfect ideas on which pieces look good together, which colours complement one another, what are the latest trends, etc. If you are present at the events, you may even get some discount vouchers. Whatever the case is, the models on the runway will be representing the best of fashion. Keep that in mind and soak in every idea. Sometimes fashion shows can seem too extra. However, if you want, you can take inspiration from every look at the London Fashion Week.

Creative inspiration

This gives you room to experiment with your creativity and come up with designs that will be most comfortable for you. Anything you see at the London Fashion Week can be perfected according to your needs. If you think you’re not as tall as the model on the runway and so, a certain suit will be too long for you, you have nothing to worry about. Similarly, if you love the shirts that the models rock but are afraid that these exact pieces won’t complement your body shape, you can get them customized easily! Bespoke tailoring is the ultimate fashion solution. Along with your personalized suits and shirts, you can also order the perfect ties. Thick or thin, patterned or not, your order will be made in Italy exactly as you want.