Italian VS English Tailoring

Wondering how Italian tailoring is different from English tailoring and what are major factors that set them apart? You will get all your answers in this post. Continue reading this Italian vs English tailoring guide so that you can make the better choice the next time you are out shopping for suits and shirts

English Tailoring

When it comes to British tailoring, for suits, they have cuts that are closer to the body. Due to their simplicity and the grace they exude, they are often referred to as the gentleman’s cut. Suits tailored in this cut are neither too slim, nor too boxy; hence, they are considered suitable for men who have an average built.

The armholes of defined shoulders in English suit tailoring are generally higher as compared to other styles. There are two side vents in the coats and suits can be either single or double-breasted. The English tailoring is inspired by the colonial English era. Suits in English tailoring tend to have a balanced cut. Jackets worn over British style tailored suits have lower gorge lines. The clothes are heavier and chest canvas is stiffer as compared to other tailoring styles. The shoulder pads of the jacket are also thicker.

Trousers in English suit tailoring tend to have a waist and are cut generously. They have generally two or three pleats. Due to their fine cut and contour, they give a rather fitted look to the wearer.

Simply put, pair British tailored suits with aptly selected ties and shirts and you will be able to flaunt an elegant look.

Italian Tailoring

While English tailored suits exude elegance and grace, Italian tailored suits will get heads turned wherever you go because of their trendiness and style. They are referred to as a modern man’s suit because of their stylish look and cut, which is very slim. They tend to have a sleek silhouette that further gives them a trendy look.

In Italian tailoring, suits have two vents and feature padded shoulders. As compared to jackets for British tailored suits, they have higher buttons and lapel notches. Moreover, their V-shape pronounced jackets have flapless pockets. They are generally an inch higher in length in comparison to the English style. Other factors that make them different from English tailored suits include less padding and higher gorge lines. Furthermore, the clothes used in these suits are generally lighter; thus, easy to carry. When it comes to pants for Italian suits, they feature tapered waist.

The most prominent feature that sets Italian tailored suits apart from other styles i.e. British and American is that they give a one of its kind casually formal look to the wearer. Hence, they can flaunt a professional and a stylish look at the same time.

A Final Word

If you have a good physical shape, go for Italian tailoring. You can also go for bespoke tailoring to get them designed just the way you like so that they can fit you perfectly. For the best bespoke tailoring,  made to measure suits, shirts, and ties made in Italy, you have got to go nowhere but contact us.